On the whole table

On the whole table

Our Recipe Collection supports chefs in all different outlets to create delicious desserts, cakes and pastries made with premium quality Belgian chocolate that can be served across the whole day. The 20 recipes can be adapted to suit vegan and gluten-free diets to ensure operators can cater to the whole table, boost sales and drive satisfaction, without compromising on taste.

Right from the first meal of the day to the after dinner chocolate delivered with the bill, our guide will help you to leave a Lasting Impression on customers every time.

  • Focus on serving delicious desserts that appeal to everyone by looking at quality ingredients and tasty flavour combinations

  • Favourite desserts can be adapted to meet dietary requirements, without compromising on quality or taste

  • Chocolate should not be confined to post-meal desserts, serve across the day by offering pastries in the mornings, cakes and biscuits in-between meals alongside more decadent desserts to drive sales

  • Switch your usual flour to a gluten-free alternative for a gluten-free bake

  • Choose chocolate suitable for vegans, such as Callebaut 811 dark chocolate and opt for dairy-free/plant-based alternatives to butter for vegan-friendly desserts

  • Desserts are still treats, often free-from desserts are perceived as less indulgence and less tasty but this is not the case. Use the same flavour descriptions for all the desserts on your menu to tempt diners

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