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LEARN FROM OUR CHOCOLATE EXPERTS They are here for you. Yes, you. Wherever you are in the world, our Callebaut chefs are happy to help you out with any technical, inspirational or recipe-related question you may have. Check out your local Chocolate Academy™ programme, and discover all courses.
Chef Minette Smith

Meet Our Global Callebaut Lead Chef Minette Smith

As Global Callebaut Creative Lead Chef Minette will be translating Callebaut's global brand vision, values, and innovation strategy into scalable, inspiring, and actionable creative Chef visions and solutions. Her passion for her work, open and approachable demeanor, and dedication to Callebaut’s principles make her a great asset to the global Callebaut team. 

world chocolate masters


The World Chocolate Masters is the only competition in the world solely dedicated to the creative talent of professionals with chocolate. A new generation of upcoming talents in the chocolate, pastry and hospitality industries around the world will share their vision of chocolate indulgence 3.0. 


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    chef Vinesh Johny callebaut chocolate


    Fifteen years ago, dreaming of becoming a pastry chef or chocolatier was unconventional in India, as there were no schools to turn to. This lack prompted Vinesh Johny to initiate change. Since then, he has spearheaded India's pastry revolution, aiming to fill a significant educational gap for future generations. Indian pastry talent is now gaining recognition worldwide
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    Sophie Bamford

    Meet Sophie

    Born in Britain, Sophie Bamford grew up surrounded by chocolate and the changing seasons. This inspired her to follow her dreams, train in the craft of pastry and launch her own business: 'All Day Cake'. Today she seasons her creations with her favourite flavours, and has kept her life-long sweet spot for the finest chocolate.