Hand-dipped or enrobed chocolates

With the below tutorials we want to teach you everything it takes to create awesome hand-dipped pralines: we help you with the right choice of chocolate and show you how to make a delicious filling, apply different dipping techniques and finally personalise your creations.

right chocolate for your hand dipped chocolates

Choosing the right chocolate for your hand-dipped chocolates

Which fluidity and taste should you choose? Callebaut Chef Beverley Dunkly gives you some guidelines.

make filling praline

How to make fillings

A delicious hand-dipped praline starts with a good filling. In this video, you'll learn how to make, frame, store and cut a perfect filling your enrobed pralines.

make hand dipped chocolates

How to make hand-dipped chocolates

Finally we're ready to make those pralines. Watch closely how Chef Beverly does it and then... practice, practice and practice!

possibilities with hand dipped pralines

Possibilities with hand-dipped pralines

Add a personal touch to your hand-dipped chocolates with chocolate transfer sheets, structure sheets, creative powder, or edible decorations.