Hollow figures

There are endless creative possibilities with hollow figures, and they can be used all year round: think Christmas, Easter, Valentines' Day... Here you can learn how to make them - starting with the basics and ending with the decorating techniques that will really make them stand out. 

perfect hollow figure

What makes a perfect hollow figure?

To start, we explain what characteristics a tasty and good-looking hollow figure should have.


the right chocolate

Choosing the right chocolate

It all starts with the right chocolate taste and fluidity!

make chocolate figure with a mould

How to make chocolate figures with a mould

Ready for some hollow figure making? Callebaut Chef Beverley Dunkley demonstrates all steps in the process, adding some useful tips and tricks along the way.

assembling hollow figures

Assembling your hollow figures

Ever wondered how to demould and then stitch together two halves of an Easter egg? Here's how.

creative chocolate lines

Getting creative with lines

Here's some inspiration on how to decorate your Easter eggs - or any other hollow figure - with lines in different colours. 

creative chocolate colour patterns

Getting creative with colour patterns

When using gold powder and cocoa butter, the decoration possibilties are only limited to your imagination. Chef Beverley demonstrates just a few of the endless options.