Ruby plated dessert

level 3

Chef Ryan Stevenson developed this dessert as closing of a fine dining experience. It surprises with a variety of exciting flavours and textures that pair extremely well with ruby. The recipe combines both indulgent, rewarding and refreshing sensations, yet always with plenty of acidity and fresh sour notes. Simply to create a light and a perfect end to dinner. Feel free to give the components your own twist or combine them in such a way to create your own, unique style.

The preparation of all components takes some time of course – yet once prepared, plating goes fast.

Ingredientes de la receta

Biscuit Magdalena con Banana y Lima


1 bandeja de 60 x 40 cm

  • 290g
    huevo(s) entero(s)
  • 151g
    azúcar invertido
  • 279g
    harina T45
  • 139g
    azúcar glas
  • 4g
  • 12g
    levadura en polvo
  • 3g
    ralladura de lima

Mezclar todo junto

  • 90g
    puré de plátano
  • 232g
    mantequilla pomada 82%


Pesar 1200 g para una bandeja de 60 cm x 40 cm. Hornear a 150°C durante 15 min.