Dark Belgian 70% Chocolate Gelato - Choco Base

There's nothing more delicious than real Italian ice cream. With this recipe, you'll be able to create authentic dark chocolate gelato completely from scratch: soft, smooth-textured and shiny. For the perfect end result we recommend using a Finest Belgian Dark Chocolate for an intense cocoa taste or a Single Origin Chocolate if you want sophisticated flavours and aromas. Store it in the freezer to achieve the perfect texture and gloss. Enjoy a lovely consistency with every scoop.


Recipe information

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Helado de chocolate negro - Chocobase


Mezcla todos los ingredientes con batidora de brazo durante 2 minutos
Deja reposar en nevera (3-5ºC) durante unos 30 minutos (opcional)
Vierte en la mantecadora y empieza el batido
Pon en abatidor durante 10 minutos para mayor estabilidad y mejor estructura (opcional)