Chocostick White

Who doesn’t love a sweet, velvety chocolate ice cream on the go? This white chocolate gelato has a creamy, milky taste with just the right amount of sweetness. It’s even dipped in Callebaut® Ice Chocolate W2 for a snappy crack that’s indulgently rich and luxurious! Let customers crack, bite and enjoy the light side of chocolate gelato! Yield: 4 kg (± 4.5 L) of gelato ready to serve

Chocostick White

Ingredients: Chocostick White

Preparation: Chocostick White

Mix well with an immersion blender (± 2 mins.). To achieve a better structure, leave to rest in the refrigerator (3-5°C) for ± 30 mins. Pour into batch freezer and start churning.
When the gelato leaves the batch freezer, fill the gelato stick moulds and leave to freeze and harden.
After freezing: dip into Callebaut® Ice Chocolate W2 to enrobe with a rich, creamy and snappy chocolate layer.
Sprinkle immediately with Mona Lisa® Meringue Drops and Meringue Crumbs.

TIP: for a more indulgent taste sensation, pour a heart of liquid Callebaut® ChocoCrema Bianco in the center of the stick moulds while assembling them.