Blackcurrant and juniper ganache

Berries such as blackcurrant and juniper are thought to have superpowers. True or not, they at least have super flavours that match chocolate very well. In this recipe, they're used to create a sophisticated and well-balanced ganache that even reveals coffee flavours. To soften the taste and make it accessible to a wide audience, it is combined with a hazelnut praline filling that's not too sweet to release the fruity flavours.

Chocolate crunch

Ingredients: Chocolate crunch

Preparation: Chocolate crunch

Mix the ingredients, roll out thinly (2 mm) and cut according to the size of the mould.

Chocolate filling

Ingredients: Chocolate filling

  • 12.3 oz
  • 4.6 oz
  • 4.6 oz
    blackcurrant puree
  • 0.1 oz

Preparation: Chocolate filling

Boil and pour through a sieve.

Ingredients: Chocolate filling

Preparation: Chocolate filling

Pour the cream-glucose mixture onto the chocolates, mix and allow to cool.

Finishing and presentation

Ingredients: Finishing and presentation

Preparation: Finishing and presentation

Coat a mould with milk chocolate. After hardening, fill it for 1/2 with the chocolate crunch. Continue to fill the mould with the rest of the chocolate filling. Once set, close off with Callebaut milk chocolate.