chocolate shells & cups
chocolate shells & cups

Chocolate shells & cups

Delight your fans with chocolate shells & cups

A choice from shapes and sizes to fit your ideas

Chocolate Shells & Cups

home made truffles

The snappy chocolate shells to make your home made truffles

Made from 100% delicious Belgian dark, milk or white chocolate, these shells have the perfect shape, snap and size to create home made truffles, mignardises or chocolate lollipops.

chocolate cups

Wonderful delights to enjoy from top to bottom

With Callebaut’s choice from chocolate cups, you have a complete set of sizes, shapes and chocolate designs at your fingertips to turn every mignardise and dessert into stunning delights. All cups are made with Belgian chocolate for guaranteed great taste. And they’re easy to fill and finish into fully edible pieces of art.

Recipes with chocolate shells and cups