Chocolate cups with smoked trout

Another perfect example of how chocolate can work wonderfully well with savoury smoky flavours such as smoked trout. In this recipe it’s paired with sherry that enhances the flavours together beautifully.

Chocolate cups with smoked trout

Ingredients: Chocolate cups with smoked trout

  • 1 leaf/leaves
  • 10 cl
    dry sherry
  • 0.9 oz
    fish fumet
  • 3.5 oz
    smoked trout
  • 25 cl
    smooth double cream
  • Q.S.
  • 25 cl
    Pedro Ximénez sherry
  • Q.S.

Preparation: Chocolate cups with smoked trout

Soak the gelatine sheet in cold water. Heat the dry sherry and dissolve the gelatine in it. Meanwhile whip the double cream. Cut the trout, sherry and fish fumet into it and blend into the whipped cream. Empty out onto a sheet and allow to stiffen.
Blend the cold pectin well into the Pedro Ximénez and heat to 80°C stirring. Allow to cool down to 30°C and then pour thinly over the fish mousse.
Transfer the fish mousse into the cups.