Almond Praline
The ready-to-go artisan crafted almond paste

Give your pralines, desserts and bakery products a sweet almond touch

Nuts - Almond Praline - 5kg Bucket

Made with premium almonds and love for a great artisan tradition.
Made from premium almonds that are shelled just before roasting, Callebaut®'s Almond Praline reveals a fresh, mildly roasted, fruity and delicately sweet taste. The almonds are caramelised until golden brown in copper panning drums and then finely rolled and conched into a fine, fluid paste.
Almond Praline pairs extremely well with milder chocolates, less sweet and not too high in cocoa, to bring out the subtle almond notes. It's also perfect for flavouring crèmes, mousses and ice creams. 

Where to find Callebaut?

Golden brown smooth paste with caramelised and mildly roasted almond taste.

Roast level
How to use

Ready to flavour your praline fillings, crèmes, mousses and Danish pastries.

Main features

Made with premium almonds – only mildly roasted for a fresh, fruity almond taste.

  • 46.2%Almonds
  • 46.3%Sugar

Available packaging

  • Almond praline slider

Order code

  • PRAMA-T14 *Liquid |

Shelf life

  • 12 months


  • NK
  • Halal