Presenting your drinks

How to present hot chocolate drinks in your bar

Choc around the clock

The way chocolate drinks are presented do affect the way our brain perceives their taste and function. Consumers all over the world agree on how they expect their chocolate drink should be served, depending on their mood and their needs.

indulgence callebaut

Mmmmmmmh! with friends

The escape into indulgence

Type of drink:
Creamy, rich hot chocolate with a variation of sides and toppings
Consumers love to melt and stir in the chocolate themselves.

Afternoon, break and tea-break
Both week and weekend
Socialising modus

relax callebaut

Switch-off. Me time!

Relax and float away from the world

Type of drink:
Comforting hot chocolate drink made with expertly crafted chocolate 
Intense taste, deep rich colour
Plain and straightforward presentation

Both week and weekend

luxury callebaut

Luxury & exploring flavours

Each cup is a new discovery

Type of drink:
Sophisticated dark chocolate drinks from origin chocolate
Intense taste, exciting aromas
Comes with a story: about origin of the beans
or the chocolate flavours

Late afternoon
Evening – after dinner

energy callebaut

Boost, reboot & energise

Up and ready for it!

Type of drink:
Hot and cool chocolate drinks sparked up with juices, alternatives for milk and flavoured with spices, fresh ginger, beetroot or other healthy ingredients

After sports or exercise