Glaze - How to apply ChocO’shine™

How to apply ready-to-use chocolate glaze ChocO’shine™

No time to whip up a chocolate mirror glaze from scratch? Then count on Callebaut ChocO’shine™ to create the desired effect in no time!


What should you take to heart when applying ChocO’shine™?
ChocO’shine™ is the perfect solution for when you don’t have the time to create a chocolate mirror glaze from scratch: it has a beautiful gloss and a real chocolate taste.

ChocO’shine™ is made with 41% Callebaut chocolate, which makes it one of the richest recipes available on the market today.

Before applying on pastries: heat up the required amount of ChocO’shine™ to 40°C. This gives it the ideal fluidity to be applied easily and evenly.

Always apply your chocolate glaze on pastries frozen at exactly -18°C.

Remove your pastries from the grill as soon as the glaze stops dripping, so before it has set. Otherwise, you could tear holes in the glaze.

Glazed pastries can be stored in the freezer at -18°C. When you take them out, store them in the refrigerator at 4°C immediately for at least 2 hours to avoid condensation.

Step 1
Heat up the required amount of ChocO’shine™ in the microwave to 40°C.

Step 2
Take your pastries (which you’ve placed on a grill and frozen at -18°C) from the freezer and apply the glaze immediately.

Step 3
Let the glaze drip for a few minutes. When it has stopped dripping, remove the pastries from the grill and place them on a dessert plate or cake board.