Ruby Turrón

Created by

  • Josep Maria Ribé - Callebaut® chef - CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre Spain
level 2

Recipe components

Callebaut® ingredients

Ruby, Rose and Strawberry Gianduja



  • 215g
    grape seed oil
  • 5drop(s)
    essential rose oil

Mix in.

Pre-crystallise up to 23ºC.

  • 80g
    lyophilised strawberries

Dice and add.

Measure out 85 g into each of the moulds (previously coated).

Ruby Paint


Melt together.

  • 2g
    red liposoluble colouring powder

Add and process with blender.

Strain and apply with paint pistol at 40ºC to frozen turrón.


1. Temper ruby RB1.
2. Place a piece of crumpled plastic film in centre of mould.
3. Coat bonbon mould with ruby RB1 and leave to crystallise.
4. Measure out gianduja into the mould (without filling it right to the top).
5. Leave to crystallise for about 4 hours at 18-20ºC.
6. Cover turrón with more pre-crystallised ruby RB1.
7. Turn turrón out of mould without removing the plastic film. Place in freezer for about 20 mins.
8. Paint with ruby chocolate paint, creating the velvet effect.
9. Remove very carefully plastic film from turrón and paint area with metallic red copper powder, using a fine paint brush.
10. Keep at 14-15ºC with a humidity of ±70% ERH.