White sugar free chocolate bavarois

White chocolate bavarois is becoming a favourite among many patissiers. The light, aerated texture and creamy, sweet flavour is a wonderful base to create great pairings with acidic fruits, spices or even certain types of nuts, like pistachio. You can choose from Callebaut's different white chocolate recipes to obtain your preferred flavour, ranging from caramelly sweet to more milky or creamy flavours.

White chocolate bavarois

Ingredients: White chocolate bavarois

Preparation: White chocolate bavarois

Boil milk. Beat egg yolks and maltitol until white and creamy. Add milk to the egg yolk mixture little by liittle. Mix well and poach the whole at 82°C.

Pour previous mixture through a sieve onto the chocolate, leave to melt and emulsify.

Whip up the cream and add when previous mixture is at 30°C.