Dark chocolate mousse based on ganache

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  • Callebaut® CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre Belgium -

If you’re looking for a slightly denser dark chocolate mousse for your patisserie or desserts, then this recipe, based on a ganache, is your go-to choice. It yields a dark chocolate mousse that has a well-aerated texture and a very intense chocolate taste. Furthermore, it's perfect for forming scoops or quenelles. For the perfect end result our chefs recommend using a Finest Belgian Chocolate or a Single Origin dark chocolate to your taste – Single Origin chocolate will bring out more aromatic flavour notes. But always pick the standard fluidity, indicated with 💧💧💧 on the packaging.

Recipe instructions

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Dark chocolate mousse based on ganache

  • 236g
    whole milk
  • 36g
    glucose syrup DE 60

Boil together.

Pour boiling mixture onto the chocolate and emulsify.

  • 438g
    35% cream

Whip up and add to the previous mixture when its temperature is at 35°C.