Creamy dream

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  • Peter Hernou - Ambassador Chocolate Academy Benelux
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This chocolate drink recipe is all about creaminess and sweetness. After the warm milk has been steamed and infused with the creamy taste of Ground White Chocolate, the sweet caramel syrup further builds up its flavour intensity, which is then brought to a grand conclusion by the powerful coffee taste of Italian espresso. The caramelised pecans on top of the chocolate drink highlight its sweet taste even more, and give the whole a delightful crispy accent.

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Creamy dream

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    pecan nuts

Mix water and sugar in a baking pan, and heat until the sugar has dissolved. Add the pecans and allow them to caramelise.

Fill a pitcher with milk and Callebaut® Ground White Chocolate, and steam up to ± 72°C. Fill the bottom of a glass with caramel syrup and pour the steamed milk over it. Brew a fresh espresso and pour in the middle of the glass to create a nice espresso layer underneath the milk foam.

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    caramelized pecans

Decorate with a few caramelised pecans.

Tip: try different varieties of nuts to find your caramelised favourite.