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Introducing the Ruby Encyclopedia!

With Ruby chocolate, Callebaut® changed the face of the industry by introducing a 4th type of chocolate. Today, the Chocolate AcademyTM North America chef team invites you to dive even deeper into the possibilities offered by this chocolate with the Ruby Encyclopedia. Built like a handbook, each volume showcases unlimited combinations of flavors, textures and colors, allowing chefs to explore a new palette of applications never seen before.


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Ruby Encyclopedia: What’s Inside?

Ruby Encyclopedia:   Volume I

Inside, you’ll find 40+ recipes covering:

  • What is Ruby Chocolate?
  • Which flavors work best with Ruby Chocolate?
  • Tips & Tricks for working with Ruby Ganaches
  • Snacking & confections
  • American traditional desserts: cookies, muffins, brownies
  • Inspirational recipes & so much more!


Ruby Encyclopedia:   Volume II

Inside, you’ll find 45+ recipes covering:

  • What is Ruby Chocolate?
  • Base recipes for ice creams, gelatos, and drinks
  • Specialty ice creams with Ruby and other chocolates
  • Hot, chilled, and blended drinks plus a chapter dedicated to Ruby cocktails
  • Inspirational recipes and tips & tricks
  • So much more!


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Ruby chocolate’s new intensely fruity, tangy, and fresh flavor and natural color
will inspire chefs’ creations for years to come.

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