Dark chocolate bavarois

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  • Callebaut® CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre Belgium -
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Bavarois (also bavarian cream or crème bavaroise) is a delicate French chocolate dessert with a creamy, aerated texture. This recipe yields a bavarois with a deep, dark colour and an intense chocolate taste – deliciously light and an absolute favourite on the dessert menu. For the perfect end result our chefs recommend using Finest Belgian Chocolate or a Single Origin chocolate – if you're more into explicit and aromatic flavour nuances – with standard fluidity, indicated with 💧💧💧 on the packaging.

Recipe components

Dark chocolate bavarois

  • 47g
    egg yolks

Beat until white and creamy.

  • 31g
    glucose syrup DE 60
  • 188g
    whole milk

Boil together and pour half over the egg yolk mixture. Mix well and poach the whole at 82°C.

Pour previous mixture through a sieve onto the chocolate, leave to melt and emulsify.

  • 422g
    35% cream

Whip up and add when previous mixture is at 30°C.