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Crafted in Belgium from bean to chocolate

Callebaut’s iconic Finest Belgian Chocolate recipes bring you a taste and quality that’s the result of 100 years of chocolate making. Renowned for their solid, intense and balanced chocolate taste, you can pair them with the widest variety of ingredients and flavours. And with every pack, you directly support cocoa farmers in West Africa.

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Callebaut in Belgium: over a century of bean-to-chocolate making

The most intense dark and milk chocolate Callebaut ever crafted

When you’re looking for a very intense chocolate taste, boasting with cocoa flavours, Power Chocolate will definitely spoil the taste buds. Available in dark and milk, these recipes are high in cocoa – low in sugar. Perfect for boosting the chocolate flavour in your recipes.

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Power Chocolate: more of everything, except sugar

What’s your flavour destination?

Do you want to spoil your customers with extraordinary chocolate flavours? Follow the origin chocolate compass and explore chocolates made with some of the world’s most extraordinary cocoa crops, yielding complex fruity, floral, spicy or woody flavours.

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Single Origin vs. Blend of Origins: a matter of taste


The pleasure of great chocolate taste, without the sugar

Do your chocolate fans count on great taste, yet want to cut down on - or even avoid - sugar? Then you’ll definitely delight them with the chocolates with no added sugar. Same great taste – yet without the sugar. What’s more, these chocolates offer you the same workability as every Callebaut chocolate.

Discover the chocolates without added sugar

Indulge whilst loving the planet back

Made with cocoa beans, cane sugar and milk from organic farming, these chocolate recipes have a heart for great taste. And for all your customers who love our planet.

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Support fair trade – support smallholder cocoa farmers

With your choice for Callebaut’s Fairtrade certified chocolates, you’ll directly support smallholder cocoa farmers in the Fairtrade programme. Moreover, you can label your creations with the Fairtrade certificate to help your customers make the right choice.

Discover the Fairtrade chocolates

For cups of happiness and great taste

Be among the first to put expertly crafted chocolate drinks on the menu. Since that’s what consumers expect globally. With Callebaut’s range of Belgian chocolate for drinks, you can let your guests indulge in a true cup of Belgian greatness, mixed, steamed shaken and topped. Here’s to great taste!

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Looking for inspiration?

The chocolate that loves the heat of the oven

Who wouldn’t get up early for freshly baked Danish pastry, rolls, muffins and cakes with a heart of chocolate? Rely on the Callebaut baking chocolates to complete your baking skills with the chocolate sticks, drops and chunks that delight with great taste and won’t burn.

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Create the chocolate ice cream everyone will melt for

Chocolate remains among the top preferred ice cream flavours all over the world. To please your fans of chocolate ice cream, Callebaut supports you with a choice from chocolates to flavour, dip and top your gelato, sorbets, sticks and pastries. Ice, ice, baby!

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Looking for gelato inspiration?

The chocolates to nibble away

Gourmet stores, bakeries and deli-shops: here’s a great choice from chocolates to simply nibble away. And they’re perfect to repack and resell in your personalised packaging. 100% Belgian chocolate – they’ve been melted and patiently panned into shiny pearls that will shine in your shop window. Who can resist?

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Add a surprising twist to your creations.

Callebaut’s Flavoured Callets™ are made of Finest Belgian Chocolate, enriched with the surprising taste of caramel, coffee or honey. They’re great to flavour your ganaches, mousses, sauces and desserts. Or to give praline shells, bars and hollow figures an exciting twist.

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Let it flow: the chocolate for your fondues and fountains

With a rich, indulgent taste and high in cocoa butter to keep flowing perfectly, these chocolates bring pleasure around the table and on any buffet.

Discover the fountain chocolates

A tasty alternative to cocoa powder

Here’s a wonderful alternative to cocoa powder for dusting, decorating or flavouring your delights. Made of 100% Belgian chocolate, this powder adds an intense, bittersweet chocolate taste, dissolves easily and is super easy to work with.

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Recipes with Callebaut Chocolate