Born Original Sebastian Pettersson
Born Original Sebastian Pettersson

born original


Born Original is a tribute to chefs around the world. It’s the way Callebaut celebrates their inspiring stories, recipes, and dreams.

Born Originals Magazine

Born Original magazine Fall 2023 out now!

From what fuels their dreams to what it takes to create them. This magazine is here to inspire you with stories about Born Original and Chocolate Academy chefs. It also gives you access to some of their most unique recipes.

Meet the Born Originals

These chefs come from all corners of the world. Each with their trademark style. Each special in their own way. But they all have one thing in common. They were Born Original.

  • Born original Lungi Mhlanga
    Born original Lungi Mhlanga

    This is Lungi Mhlanga

    Meet the new and extraordinary Born Original. A dessert visionary and a sweetness specialist. Lungi Mhlanga is ready to conquer the London and the world with eccentric donuts unlike any other.

Choose the right chocolate

Chef Minette takes the spotlight once more. This time, she shows you how to choose the right chocolate type, flavour and fluidity based on what you’re crafting next.  

Shaping the original taste of Belgium

Australian chef and entrepreneur Kirsten Tibballs goes on an adventure of taste. Join her journey and discover where Callebaut’s iconic flavour comes from and what it takes to create it.