Original chocolate callebaut
Original chocolate callebaut

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Which chocolate stands out with great taste in your desserts, pastries,
bonbons and more? Which one works best for your applications?
Chocolatiers and chefs: our lead-chef Minette shares
her tips & tricks on how to make informed choices in chocolate.

Dark chocolate, simplified

What dark chocolate makes your recipes shine? Start with the cocoa intensity. Chef Minette shows how to choose easily.

811 Dark chocolate callebaut

Milk chocolate
made easy

Choosing a great milk chocolate for your creations shouldn't be hard. Creamy or cocoa-rich? Chef Minette lays out the options you'll find in the Callebaut chocolate range.

823 Milk chocolate callebaut

White chocolate:
straightforward flavour choices

Choosing white chocolate? Focus on the flavour profile first. Chef Minette takes you through from buttery to caramel. Sweet!

W2 White chocolate callebaut

Ruby and gold chocolate:
stand out flavours

Want to wow with your creations? Try the unique tastes of ruby and gold chocolate: from berry vibes to salty butter caramel. Chef Minette guides you on when to choose these exceptional chocolates.

Ruby and Gold chocolate callebaut

How to pick the right
chocolate fluidity
for your creations?

Got the right flavour? Next, nail the fluidity. Choosing the right fluidity (or viscosity) of chocolate is essential for shaping chocolate shells with a precise thickness, creating perfect textures for ganaches and creams, and for wonderful chocolate-filled bakes. Chef Minette explains the different fluidities and the best applications for each fluidity.

right chocolate fluidity callebaut