Moulded chocolates

Everything you need to know to create the perfect moulded chocolate: from the type of chocolate to use, to filling, sealing, and finishing. 

Choosing the right chocolate 

First things first: tips and tricks to choose your chocolate wisely.

What makes moulded chocolates perfect

What should a great moulded praline look like?

How to make chocolates in a mould

Can't wait to get started? Here's a step-by-step guide towards the perfect result.

Filling moulded chocolates

There's more to filling a moulded chocolate than you think. 

Sealing your moulded chocolates

Discover the secret to moulded chocolates that don't leak.

Decorating with creative powder

Have you got the hang of it? Take your skill to the next level and try decorating your moulded chocolates with creative powder.

Applying coloured cocoa butter

Another way to personalize your moulded chocolates is to decorate them with coloured butter. Discover how.