Chocolate mousse & sauce

Chocolate mousse for pastries

Three methods to create a delicious chocolate mousse for your pastries and desserts are: using a premix, creating a pâte à bombes or cooking a crème anglaise. Which do you prefer?

chocolate mousse based on creme anglaise

Chocolate mousse based on crème anglaise

The recipe for a delicious mousse with a slightly creamier texture that melts wonderfully in the mouth. 

chocolate mousse based pate a bombe

Chocolate mousse based on pâte à bombe

Discover the secret to a delicous mousse with an airy texture that's at the same time strong enough to hold the upper layers of your dessert.

chocolate mousse with the callebaut premix

Chocolate mousse with the Callebaut premix

Very quick to make and ideal to fill up your choux pastry, glasses and cups.

Chocolate sauce

Alexandre shows you just how easy it is to create this tasty addition to any dessert or ice cream. You can let your customers pour it over their dessert themselves for extra fun.

Chocolate sauce

Chocolate sauce

All you need is milk, cream, glucose and of course a great Callebaut chocolate. Enjoy!