Moulded chocolates - Getting even more creative

Learn how to apply some inspiring decorations with coloured cocoa butter to make your moulded chocolates brim with personality.


What should you take to heart when making moulded chocolates?
Use polycarbonate moulds. These yield the best gloss and contract slower than chocolate, making unmoulding far easier.

Choose a fluid chocolate: a three-drop or four-drop fluidity is ideal.

Heat the moulds briefly before pouring in your chocolate. This way, you’ll avoid temperature shocks that could make your chocolate turn grey afterwards.

Make sure that your filling is smooth and fluid enough to pipe easily. Also check that it isn’t warmer than 28°C, otherwise the filling will make your chocolate shells melt.

Try to avoid making smudges on the rims of your chocolate moulds with the filling as they may cause leaks in your chocolate shells. Always fill each chocolate shell individually.

Never fill the chocolate shells to the brim. Leave a 1.5-mm opening from the top, otherwise it would be impossible to seal your chocolates properly.


  • Moulds for chocolates (pralines), preferably in polycarbonate
  • Differently coloured cocoa butters
  • A latex glove

Step 1
Before filling your chocolate mould with tempered chocolate (see our tutorial about creating chocolates with a mould) dip your thumb into coloured cocoa butter (make sure to wear a glove!) and smear it thinly into the mould cavities.

Step 2
Leave the cocoa butter to harden for a minute and then apply the second colour on top. This keeps the colours from blending.

Step 3
Leave the second layer of cocoa butter to harden and create chocolate shells based on the techniques demonstrated in our other tutorials.