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Caramel and chocolate travel cake

TANTALISING FLAVOURS Two flavours that never fail - chocolate and caramel - are blended in this tempting cake finished with a crispy cocoa crumble topping. 

Intense chocolate sponge

Zutaten: Intense chocolate sponge

  • 2.2 lb
    Creamed butter
  • 2.2 lb
  • 0.7 oz
  • 7.1 oz
    Hot milk infused with cinnamon vanilla
  • 3.3 lb
  • 1.1 lb
    Powdered almond flour
  • 2.6 lb
    Weak flour
  • 1.1 oz
  • 0.7 oz
    Baking powder

Zubereitung: Intense chocolate sponge

Whisk the butter along with the sugar and the salt.

Gradually add the milk then mix in the egg.

When everything is mixed in, add the almond.

Sieve the flour and the baking powder with the powdered cocoa and stir into the mixture.

Bake at 160°C with a closed draft for 40 min. 

Vanilla and chocolate caramel

Zutaten: Vanilla and chocolate caramel

  • 11.3 oz
    Icing sugar
  • 1.2 lb
    Cream 35% fat
  • 7.5 oz
  • 0,8 Hülse(n)
  • 4.6 oz
  • 0.3 oz
    Ceylon cinnamon stick
  • 3.2 oz

Zubereitung: Vanilla and chocolate caramel

Heat the cream and the glucose.

Make a dry caramel with the powdered sugar.

Add the cinnamon sticks and the vanilla to the caramel.

Pour this caramel into the hot cream and glucose mixture, then cook the mixture obtained again at 104°C.

Allow the caramel to cool to 80/85°C, then make an emulsion with the milk chocolate couverture at 35°C.

Add the tempered butter and beat.

Cocoa crumble

Zutaten: Cocoa crumble

  • 12.0 oz
    kalte Butter (gewürfelt)
  • 6.0 oz
  • 13.4 oz
    Weak flour
  • 2.1 oz

Zubereitung: Cocoa crumble

Mix all the ingredients until you get a crumble texture and set aside in the freezer.



Place the dough into a 16 cm ring mould until ¾ full and inject the Chocovic chocolate baking cream and caramel filling.

Cover with crumble and sprinkle powdered sugar on top.

Bake at 160°C for about 30-40 min.