Sugars: granulated sugar, dextrose, glucose syrup, invert sugar Milk, cream - Milk powder - Stabilisers, emulsifiers & thickening agents - Various couvertures


Italian ice cream or ‘gelato’ can be divided into two basic recipes:
• water-based gelato (fruit, tea infusions, etc.)
• milk-based gelato (creams, etc.)

The basic ingredients are:

water, sugars, milk, cream, eggs, fresh fruit, natural flavouring ingredients and additives in compliance with food legislation


Ice cream is a mixture of raw materials (milk, cream, eggs, sugar, fruit, etc.) that, under the influence of cold, thickens and obtains a paste-like consistency. The technical level of your ice cream mixture determines the number of raw materials you need.


Fats: 8-10%
Non-fat milk solids: 7-9%
DCS: 4.5-5.5%
Total sugar content: 18-22%
Total solids content: 39-43%
FP (Freezing Point): 250-280
SP (Sweetening Power): 17-19%
Used couverture: 15-20%

A step by step guide to delicious chocolate gelato

Phase 1 Pasteurisation of the mixture

1. Stir the liquid ingredients together and heat the mixture up to 40°C

  • Meticulously measure out the quantities of all the ingredients in your gelato recipe.
  • Add the following ingredients to the pasteuriser at +4°C:
    - Fresh whole milk
    - Cream
    - All liquid sugars (i.e. invert sugar, honey...)

2. Blend all the ingredients in powder form together and add them to the mixture

  • At +40°C add the following ingredients and stir them together:
    - Milk powder
    - Dextrose
    - Granulated sugar
    - Powdered glucose syrup
    - Stabilisers

3. Pasteurise

  • Bring the temperature of the mixture up to +72/+75°C and pasteurise it for 15 seconds.

4. Add the couverture and homogenise

  • Add the unmelted couverture and homogenise the mixture while rapidly lowering its temperature to +4°C. Let it mature at +4°C for 4 to 6 hours.

5. Cool rapidly

6. Let the mixture mature

Phase 2 Making the ice cream

1. Churn the ice cream

  • Pour the mixture in the ice cream machine and churn it at -5°C for 5 to 10 minutes.

(2. Add alcohol at -5°C)

3. Extrude the ice cream from the ice cream machine

4. Harden the ice cream in the blast freezer

  • Place the mixture in the blast freezer to harden it. If you want to store your delicious chocolate gelato in a display counter, bring its temperature down to -14°C. If you want to store it in a freezer, bring it down to -18°C.

5. Sell the ice cream or store it (in a display counter)