The A-Z for perfect chocolate ice cream

What is the perfect chocolate for your ice cream?

Are you looking for an accessible chocolate in your ice cream that works like a charm and pairs easily with other ingredients? Or do you want to add very specific flavour notes of spices, flowers, fruits and so much more? Whatever delicious creativity inspires you, Callebaut will give your ice cream the perfect chocolate taste.

From Italy with love, to Belgium with passion

Italy has a delightful love affair with ice cream that dates all the way back to the Roman empire, when the Arabs mixed snow from Mount Etna with fruit juice. Today, ice cream has become one of the most popular desserts in the world.

Another favourite indulgence all over the world is Callebaut chocolate. Made in Belgium from bean to chocolate, it has fantastic workability and a potential to present heavenly confectionery, pastry and… ice cream.

Leonardo Di Carlo, The Great Gelatician

Leonardo Di Carlo has the passion for delicious creativity running through each part of his body. From his first steps in his parents’ pastry shop, Leonardo eagerly cultivated his knowledge and experience at the most renowned schools and in the workshops of master pastry chefs. In 2004 he was crowned World Champion Pastry-Chocolate-Confectionery-Ice Cream

Inspired by the famous Italian ‘gelato culture’, Leonardo Di Carlo became a much-appreciated pastry and ice cream consultant, writer, and instructor. He values understanding ingredients and how they behave in recipes, and uses various technologies. The objective: to create the perfect chocolate indulgence.

Finest Belgian Chocolate

Crafted in Belgium from bean to chocolate, Callebaut Finest Belgian Chocolate presents a wide range of delicious dark, milk and white chocolate varieties to indulge your customers with a great all-round taste. Its versatile character makes Finest Belgian Chocolate easy to pair with the most diverse ingredients and takes your creativity to the next level. Made with sustainable cocoa, each recipe guarantees a constant quality and excellent workability for the perfect ice cream – time and time again.

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Single Origin Chocolate

Do you want to give your chocolate ice cream a shot of the extraordinary? Callebaut Single Origin Chocolate invites you to the most amazing flavour pairings. Made with cocoa beans from one particular country or region, each Single Origin chocolate will astonish you with an exciting taste sensation and aromatic character – reflecting the soil, the climate and the environment of its ‘native home’.

Single Origin Chocolate will turn each scoop of chocolate ice cream into an unforgettable sensorial experience.

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Blend of Origins

How to combine a touch of the familiar with a hint of the exotic? Callebaut Blend of Origins brings together fine flavour beans from three different regions or countries, offering a balanced and intense flavour – meticulously composed by the Callebaut Master Blender.

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