Callebaut Distancing Dessert

A sharing platter concept for the times we are in. These individual desserts can be assembled to look like one large dessert but are in fact individual portions not to be shared!

Chocolate tray

Mango and Passion Fruit Compote

Ingredients: Mango and Passion Fruit Compote

  • 1.4 oz
    diced mango
  • 0.4 oz
    passion fruit
  • 1.8 oz
    mango puree
  • 0.7 oz

Preparation: Mango and Passion Fruit Compote

Warm the fruit puree and dissolve the sugar add in the fruits.

Raspberry and Strawberry Compote

Ingredients: Raspberry and Strawberry Compote

  • 1.8 oz
  • 0.9 oz
  • 0.9 oz
    fresh raspberries
  • 0.9 oz

Preparation: Raspberry and Strawberry Compote

Repeat previous step by warming the fruit puree and dissolving the sugar then adding in the fruits.


Ingredients: Assembling

  • 0.4 oz
  • 0.4 oz

Preparation: Assembling

Pipe bulbs of chocolate mousse into the chocolate rectangle cups.

Place brownie cubes decoratively on top of the mousse.

Spoon compote in between the brownie cubes.

Sprinkle the top of the dessert with crispearls.