Romaric Boilley & Yoann Laval

Romaric Boilley & Yoann Laval

Romaric Boilley & Yoann Laval


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DÉLICES DES SENS – LYON Romaric Boilley & Yoann Laval

“After working for multiple pastry houses and competing in different competitions, Romaric decided it was time to spread out his wings. He bought an existing pastry shop, the first boutique for Délice des Sens. In the course of time, 3 more shops were opened including an open workshop.”

Romaric: “We are artisans. We create, produce and look for basic ingredients directly at the local farmers. In my opinion that’s what pastry is all about. Creating something good is one thing, but creating something that’s good and that sells is the real challenge.

“Délice des Sens doesn’t involve with too much media. Our products communicate for themselves. They will create word of mouth on their own.”

"Délice des Sens lets its products speak for themselves. The quality of the products will create their own word of mouth."

The biggest difference between Yoann and Romaric is that Romaric is more into selecting and working with the right local ingredients, Yoann is more into obtaining the best results.

"Our job as a chocolatier is to bring emotion to the people. It’s a calling. We’re heading to products that are purer and contain les sugar. Chocolate has to make you dream, it’s an invitation to travel. What we like most about the Callebaut products is that they evoke an entire universe of flavours."