Chocolate Heroes

A tribute to chocolate chefs around the world Chocolate Heroes

"Life is for heroes"

And we don’t mean the ones who climb skyscrapers or do a 40,000-metre free-fall to Earth. We mean the craftsmen. The passion-fuelled artisans whose weapons are whisks and palette knives. Who won’t rest before that awesome taste hits every tiny taste bud. Who bedazzle with that incredible ganache recipe they’ve done over 87 times to get it just right.

This is about heroes like you. The chefs who work hard every day to do what they love and do best: delight every guest. We collected some of their stories and their recipes in this book. We hope they can inspire you or give you the energy to turn your day into a chocolate hero day.

You are the hero to whom we dedicate the best cocoa beans in the world. Because, just like us, you live for great taste.




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