Marie-Caroline Vroman

Marie-Caroline Vroman

Chocolatier at Maoline
Braine l’Alleud, België

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Chocolatier at Maoline – Braine l’Alleud, België Marie-Caroline Vroman

"When I was a kid, I once received a chocolate game for xmas. It may sound crazy… but it kept me busy for hours. That little game made me who I am now: an artisan chocolatier. Bit by bit, during my growing up years, I discovered that chocolate was my ‘tool’ to express my creativity. After a few years of training and working in a bakery, I developed my own recipes and fine-tuned them along the way. Just about a year ago, I made the big jump, starting up my own business.

Being able to express my creativity with chocolate is the biggest freedom I could imagine. But you’ll never catch me participating in culinary competitions. Pleasing my customers is my competition – every day! And their smile or compliment is my gold medal.

I would describe my style as very Belgian. I love to experiment with Belgian beers, cuberdons, a local coffee liqueur... And I stick to direct and simple flavours. That’s why I love to work with the Belgian classic chocolates such as 811 and 823 for enrobing."

"Making and selling my chocolates was a child’s dream. And exploring new ways to sell it – driving around with my food truck – just came natural… I’d never want to become too big. Simply because I want my business to remain ‘me’ and keep enjoying every aspect of it."