Callebaut Compounds - Hard Coating Top Milk - 10kg Box

  • Vegetarian

Product information

A chocolate colour and taste comparable to milk chocolate.
  • Golden brown
  • 35.6%
    Fat %
Available sizes
  • 10kg Box

Tastes, looks and hardens like milk chocolate, with a hard crack.
Under certain conditions, it can be difficult to work with chocolate. Especially in very hot climates or kitchens with too high of a humidity. Hard Baker's Coating – Milk is a coating with a taste, mouthfeel and shine that comes really close to milk chocolate, yet doesn’t need tempering. Simply melt, apply and cool directly. After hardening, the end result has the looks and soft satin gloss of chocolate, with a hard, chocolate-like crack and a very milk chocolaty taste.
You can use Hard Baker's Coating – Milk in the same wide variety of applications as chocolate, especially for dipping biscuits or creating confectionery. Thanks to its special fat composition, Hard Baker's Coating resists the appearance of fat bloom longer than most chocolates do - even when coated around cookies, nuts or other ingredients.



  • Fat %


Golden brown
Main features:

Hardens and shines without tempering.

Hard Crack
How to Use:

Just melt, apply and leave to set in the fridge (12-16°C).


Suitable For:
  • Vegetarian
Free From:
  • Not Gluten


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    Shelf life:
    18 months
    10kg Box | 1/Box