Callebaut Bake Stable Chocolate - Dark Chococubes - 2.5kg Callets

  • Sustainable cocoa
  • Vegetarian

Product information

Indulgently intense dark chocolate that remains snappy in cube format for chunky applications.
  • very low fluidity
  • 46.5%
    Min. % Dry cocoa solids
Available sizes
  • 2.5kg Bag

Chocolate cubes perfected for panettone

Looking to create the perfect chocolate panettone and surprise your customers with the soft and indulgent Italian creation? Then these Callebaut Chococubes are the way to go.

Made with delicious dark chocolate, they're just the chocolate cubes your panettone needs. Chococubes contain less cocoa butter and are specifically designed to be baked without melting away in your dough. They can even resist oven temperatures of up to 200°C. So, get ready to add an extra luxurious bite and a lovely chocolate snap to one of the most famous Italian delights.




  • 46.5%
    Min. % Dry cocoa solids
    0% Cocoa Butter
    0% Fat-free cocoa


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Suitable For:
  • Vegetarian
Free From:
  • Not Gluten
  • Cocoa Horizons Program
  • Sustainable cocoa
  • Supporting Cocoa Horizons Foundation

Cocoa Horizons

Cocoa Horizons.
With this chocolate, you support cocoa farmers. Chocolate needs the finest cocoa beans. Today and tomorrow. For every pack of chocolate you buy, we reinvest a part in sustainable cocoa farming through the Cocoa Horizons Foundation.


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    Shelf life:
    24 months
    Store the product in a clean, dry (relative humidity max. 70 %) and odourless environment. Storage temperature: 12-20°C.
    2.5kg Bag | 4/Box