Cocoa ingredients callebaut
Cocoa ingredients callebaut

Cocoa ingredients

The source of everything: cocoa ingredients

Boost flavour, texture and chocolate intensity

cocoa bean
Cocoa ingredients

The pure essence of the cocoa bean

Cocoa nibs are the roasted kernels of the cocoa bean, without their shells. They make for an amazing ingredient to add a delicious toasted cocoa taste and crunchy texture to chocolates, desserts or even savoury dishes.

Finest Belgian Chocolate recipe

The heart and soul of every Finest Belgian Chocolate recipe

Callebaut’s cocoa liquor is made from the secret Wieze-blend of whole roasted cocoa beans. After deshelling, the beans are ground finer and finer into the pure essence of chocolate: an unsweetened liquor of 100% cocoa. Perfect for intensifying the taste of your chocolate, or to flavour ice creams, crémeux and mousses.

mycryo callebaut

A 100% natural and vegetable base for multifold applications

With Callebaut’s choice from cocoa butters, you have a perfect base for colouring, tempering, adapting the fluidity of your chocolate, and even spray gun applications. Callebaut’s Mycryo™ powdered cocoa butter even makes for a 100% natural frying base to make the authentic flavours of delicate ingredients come out.

 intense cocoa powder callabaut

The intense cocoa powder to colour and flavour your pastry and dessert bases

Callebaut’s cocoa powder is the perfect allround cocoa ingredient for a wide array of applications. It’s great for dusting truffles, desserts and pastries. And with its pleasantly, intense taste and warm colour, this cocoa powder is a wonderful ingredient to flavour ice cream, mousse or crémeux bases.