Viscosity - Choosing the right fluidity

Choosing the right fluidity

Which chocolate is best suited for which application? Callebaut chef Mathieu Dierinck gives you a clear insight into the Callebaut chocolate range and the different fluidities it offers.


Why is fluidity so important?
The fluidity of your chocolate determines the thickness of the shell and the snap of your chocolate products: the more fluid your chocolate, the thinner and crunchier your shell will be.

Using chocolate with the right fluidity also saves time: you can cast large moulds in one go with less fluid chocolate. Chocolate with a higher fluidity is better for moulds with a lot of detail, but you’ll need to fill your mould with chocolate 2 to 3 times.

Why is it so important to pre-crystallise chocolate properly?
It helps chocolate harden, and gives it a beautiful satin gloss and a delicious snap.

It makes chocolate contract during cooling, which makes it easier to unmould.

Badly crystallised or uncrystallised chocolate will turn grey and won’t have an appetising gloss.