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Keeping your business up and running, and organizing that in a safe way is not easy. Below we bundle frequently asked questions and a few recommendation and best practices that might help you in organising it in a safe way!

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Even in tough times like these, many people at home want to brighten up their days with locally produced tasty treats, made by the artisan around the corner. Chocolate desserts, pastries and chocolaterie are often a preferred choice. And simple pleasures are what consumers globally tend to buy for themselves or their relatives:
• chocolate tablets and bars
• chocolate bonbons
• hot chocolate
• cakes, muffins, brownies
• pastry classics: donuts, éclairs, small individual pastries
• gelato, ice cream and sorbet (well packed in Styrofoam containers – if necessary, add dry ice in the carrier box or bag)
• desserts in cups (no ice cream)
• preparations that can be baked or finished at home: prepacked dough for soufflé, mœlleux, etc.
• combined packs: for instance mixed Easter eggs. Mostly separate dark / milk / white / ruby chocolate packs – additionally one mixed coloured pack

Make it special! You create a lasting impression if you give these ‘basics’ your personal twist or signature treatment: in the finishing, the recipe, the shape or with decorations. It increases the pleasure of enjoying something special!