How to fill your moulded chocolates properly

right amount of filling

The importance of applying the right amount of filling

Before you get started on filling your chocolate shells, make sure that your filling is smooth and fluid enough to pipe easily. Also check if it isn’t warmer than 28°C, otherwise the filling will make your chocolate shells melt. Fill each chocolate shell individually and try to avoid making smudges on the edges of your chocolate moulds and shells with the filling as they may cause leaks in your moulded chocolates.

Make sure to fill each chocolate shell to about 1.5 mm from the top. Too little filling would create an air bubble in your chocolates after sealing, and would reduce their shelf life. On the other hand, too much filling would make it difficult to seal them properly. When you’re done filling, tap the mould against your worktop to remove any air bubbles and when that’s done, let the filling harden in a refrigerator between 14 and 18°C for at least 30 minutes.