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Vegan Milk Chocolate Cardamom Cake

Elevate a classic recipe to make it an inclusive, yet indulgent treat for all. Callebaut’s Vegan Chocolate Cardamom Cake promises big flavour, acting as a great addition for operators looking to build their dessert menu.

Vegan Milk Chocolate Cardamom Cake

Ingredients: Vegan Milk Chocolate Cardamom Cake



Pre-heat the oven to 165c
Mix the ground almonds, flour, cocoa powder, cardamom powder, baking powder, bicarbonate of soda, sea salt and xanthan gum together
Mix the ground flax and water together separately
In a food processor mix all the remaining wet ingredients together
Add the flax
Add the mixed dry ingredients and blend for 5 seconds
Stir through the Callebaut NXT dairy free m_k chocolate callets
Place in a silicone mould and bake for 30 minutes
To make the glaze bring the cream and cardamom to the boil.
Cover and take off the heat, before leaving to infuse for 10 minutes
Pour the infused cream through a sieve on top of the Callebat NXT dairy free m_k chocolate callets
Emulsify with a hand blender until smooth and glossy
Pour over each cardamom cake


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