Choco Croccante Dark

What’s better than having that deeply intense chocolate taste? Combining it with Callebaut® Ice Chocolate 811 textures for a marbled effect and a creative crack. Top this exciting gelato al cioccolato with a layer of Callebaut® Ice Chocolate 811 for a solid surface that creates a delightful snap every time you take a scoop. Finish this real Italian ice cream with luxurious decorations for a choice that stands out in your counter!         Yield: 4 kg (± 4.5 L) of gelato ready to serve

Choco Croccante Dark

Ingredients: Choco Croccante Dark

Preparation: Choco Croccante Dark

Mix well with an immersion blender (± 2 mins.). To achieve a better structure, leave to

rest in the refrigerator (3-5°C) for ± 30 mins. Pour into batch freezer and start churning.


When the gelato leaves the batch freezer, fill half the gelato container and mix roughly with Callebaut® Ice Chocolate 811 to obtain a marble effect.
Fill the rest of the gelato container with gelato and repeat the process.Make the surface of the gelato as smooth as possible.
Leave to rest in the blast freezer for a few mins.
Pour a thin layer of Callebaut® Ice Chocolate 811 on top to cover the entire surface:
do it VERY FAST since the chocolate hardens immediately.

Finish with home-made chocolate curls or Mona Lisa® Dark Chocolate Tagliatelli and Callebaut® Crispearls™ Dark.