Dark sugar free chocolate crémeux

How to make the perfect chocolate crémeux? Dark chocolate crémeux or chocolate cream is a smooth, dense pastry creamy. You could compare it to a velvet-like creamy custard with a rich and intense chocolate taste – firm enough to hold its shape in a layered dessert or to be piped on top. For the perfect taste and texture, we recommend using Finest Belgian Chocolate with a higher cocoa percentage or pronounced flavour. Consider using one of the Single Origin chocolates if you're looking for more aromatic cocoa flavour notes. And as always for pastry recipes, we recommend using the standard fluidity, indicated with 3drops on the packaging.

Dark sugar free chocolate crémeux

Ingredients: Dark sugar free chocolate crémeux

Preparation: Dark sugar free chocolate crémeux

Boil cream, milk and isomalt together. Whip in egg yolks and maltitol.

Temper together and heat back up to 82°C while stirring.

Pour previous mixture onto the chocolate and emulsify. Pour into moulds and freeze.