Pistachio gianduja filled chocolates

We have all known the typical hazelnut and almond gianduja for years. But did you know that a mix of pistachio and white chocolate yields a totally different kind of gianduja? Spicy, green and irresistible. Here's how you make it yourself.

Cremino pistachio

Preparation: Cremino pistachio

Melt the chocolate (45°C) and mix with the pistachio paste and the cocoa butter. Temper at 24°C. Mix in the dried fruits. Pour in a frame (approx 1.2 cm thick layer) and leave to harden in the refrigerator.

After hardening, spread a thin layer of pre-crystallised chocolate on the surface and leave to harden. Cut the filling in squares with the guitar cutter. Enrobe with pre-crystallised milk chocolate. Decorate with pieces of dried raspberry.