Mango django

Treat your customers to a beautiful summer with this refreshingly spicy dark chocolate drink. Intense-tasting homemade dark chocolate ganache, delightfully sweet and fruity mango juice, and a handful of ice cubes take centre stage in this colourful recipe. But what would a midsummer refreshment be without the spicy accents that give it that energising zing? Nothing a selection of chai herbs, cardamom or piri piri can’t handle!

Mango django

Ingredients: Mango django

  • 50 ml
  • 200 ml
    mango juice
  • Q.S.
    ice water

Preparation: Mango django

Cover the bottom of a glass with the ganache and arrange the ice ball in the middle. Very gently pour the mango juice on top to keep the layers from blending.

Tip: in need of some spicy heat? Then mix the mango juice with a selection of chai herbs, cardamom or piri piri in a Boston shaker before pouring.