Mandarin Napoleon and Chocolate Soufflé

To many chocolate lovers, pure indulgence should be served hot. This recipe combines a classic chocolate soufflé with a lovely flavoured whipped cream. Topping the warm soufflé with the cream is amazing as it melts slowly - enhancing the comfort this simple dessert delivers.


Ingredients: Biscuits

  • Q.S.
    puff pastry sheets
  • Q.S.

Preparation: Biscuits

Roll out. Sprinkle Splitters and Brésilienne onto the puff pastry sheets. Press lightly and fold over. Cut into thin strips. Bake in the oven at 220°C. When they have cooled down, dip each into tempered chocolate.


Preparation: Pallet

Spread out the chocolate on a plastic or greaseproof paper sheet. Place a second sheet on top, and roll out the chocolate as thin as possible between the sheets. Leave to harden, only then remove the paper.

Glass of cream

Ingredients: Glass of cream

  • Q.S.
    mandarin napoleon
  • Q.S.

Preparation: Glass of cream

Flavour the cold cream with Mandarin Napoleon.
Add and whip up the cream lightly. Pour into glasses. Leave to cool in the fridge.


Ingredients: Soufflé

Preparation: Soufflé

Whip up together until 3/4 stiff.

Ingredients: Soufflé

  • 2 piece(s)
    egg yolks

Preparation: Soufflé

Add and pour the mixture into a coffee cup. Bake to a soufflé in a pre-heated oven (depending on the size of the cup).

Finishing and presentation

Place the glass and the cup next to one another. Add a biscuit. Break up pieces of the chocolate pallet and place this on the cup.