Easy chocolate sponge with carrot and orange sorbet

Experimenting with vegetables in desserts can be very rewarding since they add lovely and surprising flavours, and create a light dessert. In this recipe, orange and carrots account for the sweet flavours with acidic hints. The sponge cake is easy to make and light like air, yet with a powerful taste. A few dots of dark chocolate ganache add a more solid chocolate flavour to the dessert while keeping it light.


Kumabo chocolate sponge

Ingredients: Kumabo chocolate sponge

Preparation: Kumabo chocolate sponge

Heat the water, and dissolve the sugar and chocolate in it. Then add the flour, the eggs and the egg whites.
Pour into a pressured container, pipe the batter in a plastic container or mould and bake in the microwave oven for 45 seconds at 800W.

Finishing and presentation

Ingredients: Finishing and presentation

  • 20 cl
    infusion of flowers
  • Q.S.
    mixture of petals
  • Q.S.
    fruit jelly
  • Q.S.
    caramelised, dried carrot chips

Preparation: Finishing and presentation

Pipe the ganache and fruit jelly droplets onto trays. Arrange the petals on top. Place the chocolate sponge in the middle with a quenelle of sorbet on top. Finish off with the caramelised carrot and pour the lightly warmed infusion of flowers around the content.