Power Chocolates

Power chocolates

More of everything, except for sugar

Power chocolates More of everything, except for sugar

The most powerful chocolate flavours Callebaut ever created. 
If your customers love the power taste of cocoa, then Callebaut’s POWER chocolates are definitely your first choice. With Callebaut’s Power chocolates you will boost the chocolate taste in your creations to a higher level. Power means: more cocoa and less sugar. 

With the Power chocolates in your pralines, moelleux, mousse and ice cream, you’ll give chocolate lovers more mmmmmmh than ever.

The extreme power chocolate, ideal to bring out a very strong chocolate flavour, even when used in preparations that require smaller quantities of chocolate.

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The milk chocolate that has even less sugar than many regular dark chocolates. Very rich cocoa taste, balanced out by a deliciously pleasant creaminess and a tempered sweetness. Pairs easily, especially with fruits that have a refreshing acidity.

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Recipes with Power Chocolates