Callebaut Gelato - ChocoCrema Gold Variegato - 3kg Bucket

  • Vegetarian
  • Halal
  • KD-

Product information

Gold chocolate cream with deep, rewarding caramel taste. Remains soft and shiny, even when deep frozen. Adds contrast in taste, texture and looks to gelato.
Available sizes
  • 3 kg Bucket

ChocoCrema Gold: a golden caramel cream to create a richer gelato
With ChocoCrema Gold, gelato makers have gold in their hands! This sauce-like, rich cream boasts a deep, intense caramel taste with plenty of butter toffee notes and a pinch of sea salt. The smooth, creamy texture is perfect to richly drizzle onto gelato or mix it in to create variegato.
ChocoCrema Gold is is made with gold chocolate and enriches any gelato with an overwhelming sense of luxury.
When frozen or mixed with your gelato, it remains perfectly soft and beautifully shiny. 



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Suitable For:
  • Halal
  • KD-
  • Vegetarian
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  • Not Gluten


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    Shelf life:
    12 months
    3 kg Bucket | 1/Bucket