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Crispy Caramel & Almond Bar image

Foodies today are triggered by the artisan chocolate snacking bar. 

Caramel & Gold bonbons image

Combining chocolate and caramel is a golden combination.

Dip ‘n Drip Caramel Cake image

The cake is back! And how.

Triple Caramel Trifle image

Here’s a makeover of a classic British dessert, with chocolate and caramel in the lead roles

Delirium Caramel Tartlet image

Luxury patisserie is on the rise.

The 4th chocolate is here, born from the Ruby cocoa bean.

NY Champagne Tart Recipe

Special NY recipes? > Discover more

Crunchy Belgian chocolate recipe photo

Saint Nicholas season is coming

New Year chocolate bar

Looking for exciting Xmas recipes? > Discover more

Gourmet cookie Ecl1pse / Callebaut

Experience crunch deluxe in an energy-packed cookie!

Yule log ecl1pse / Callebaut

Banana jelly really is a great addition to this yule log in sugar!

Trick or treat with chocolate, sponge and orange

Trick or treat your guests to this chocolatey delight and kick off your Halloween season in style!

Halloween with pecan, caramel, five-spice ganache and W2

This colourful Halloween treat boasts lots of pecan nuts, heavenly sweet caramel and a lovely five-spice ganache

Raise the bar for every bonbon

Indulge in the pleasure of an exotic kalamansi ganache along with the sweet taste of a classic gianduja chocolate.

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