Recipe components

Cinnamon Moelleux


Mix together the almond flour, brown sugar and flour. Add eggs and melted chocolate.
Add the melted butter. Pipe in the desired moulds and bake it at 180 de c for 25 minutes.

Milk Chocolate and star Anise cremeux


Make crème anglaise with cream, egg yolks and trimoline. Pour on top of the chocolate and blend.
Add the star anise powder. Add gelatine and blend.
Set in desired mould.

Soft salt Caramel

  • 1pod(s)
  • 365g
    caster sugar
  • 85g
  • 60g
    liquid glucose
  • 300g
    salted butter
  • 5g

Cook half the sugar with liquid glucose and when it starts caramelizing add the rest slowly till it caramelizes evenly.
Add warmed up cream, followed by butter dices at the room temperature.
Add salt.

Callebaut Gold Chocolate Mousse


Boil milk with the Invert sugar.
Emulsify with chocolate and gelatine mass.
Add the cream at 40 deg C.