Ruby cranberries treasure

Created by

  • Jean-Marc Bernelin - Callebaut® chef - CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre China
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Ruby RB1 is the best match for this kind of applications.
The flavour of the dried berries and the RB1 is so complementary. The berries boost the taste of the chocolate while the chocolate smoothen the berries flavour. It is just the perfect combination.
All dried berries will work for this application.


You need to use a panning machine for this application.

Recipe components

Callebaut® ingredients

Cranberries coating

  • 700g
    dried cranberries

Choose whole cranberries and not slices one to avoid sticking them together during the process.

Apply 100 g of melted chocolate (40-45°C) and let the layer set before applying the next one.
Repeat the process until you obtain the desire thickness.
The ideal temperature of the room should be 15 to 18°C. You can also use cold air flow (8-15°C; a maximum of 60% humidity) to speed up the process.

When the right thickness is reach you will need to smoothen them by blowing warm air in the panning machine. The chocolate should be little bit sticky but not melted (25-27°C).

  • 15g
    pink pepper
  • 15g
    dried lavender

Add pink pepper and dried lavender (very finely chopped).

Let the panning turn without any airflow until they are smooth.
Cool down the coated cranberries with cold air at the end of the process.
Let them crystalize for a minimum of 6 to 8 hours at 18°C before starting the polishing process.

Polishing process

  • 20g
    shiny agent

Add 10 g of shiny agent and run the panning machine for 1 min without air flow.
Then use cold air flow to obtain the shine and let it run for around 10 min.
Repeat this operation twice (5 g of shiny agent each step)
Humidity level must be below 60% to have a good shine.
The cranberries must be at 14°C.

  • 5g

Add shellac and run the panning machine no longer than 3 min.


Let them dry at 18°C overnight before packing.
Pack them in a sealed bag and store at 18°C, avoid temperature difference, light and humidity.